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LayFlat Solutions
Deployment Systems
Connections Fittings
Hydrostatic Testing
ETC Impoundments

We provide a complete line of water transfer products to ensure our customers continued success. From the pump to the wellsite,
let NORMco be your source for quality, safe, environmentally friendly products and equipment.

Our leak-free LayFlat in th field!
We offer the newest evolution in
water transfer to accomodate any
terrain or environment while giving
you the best product we can.

Our revolutionary retrieval and
deployment reel stystem is one
of the kind in the industry. With our
reel system, a two man team can lay
660 feet in under 5 minutes!

NORMco, an industry leader in field attachable couplers! Join your LayFlat
line sections together in seconds while maintaining a leak-free seal at
pressures over 600psi!

ETC is a premier manufacturer of
fractanks, mud tanks, and above
ground impoundments. NORMco is
the exclusive midwest distributor for
all of ECT's products.

Don't let the integrity of your LayFlat
be a question. With NORMco's hydro-
static testing service, know your line
is ready for use in the field instead of guessing and costing you.

Visit our media page and see all that NORMco offers. Training videos, product demonstrations and more!

      NORMco Energy Products is a family owned and managed company specializing in
      providing quality equipment and services to the oil and gas industry. Our product lines
      are primarily tailored to the water transfer industry supporting the burgeoning shale
      plays throughout the Midwest.
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